16 March 2010

Income Tax Everybody??

I've just received the EA form from my company and now this is a peak time to submit an income tax justification. Just like previous years, I claimed every single eligible items to reduce the income tax... Mana tahan lorr kalau tiap tahun kena bayar 3k-5k. Even though my salary was auto-debit to PCB system and accumulated for about almost 5k per year, I still have to pay at least more than 500 extra to LHDN. So suck!

But this year, I feel so happy. I just keyed-in the numbers into online system without claiming any item to reduce the tax. My accumulated PCB was RM4986.00 and when I checked on the total tax need to be paid, I'm so surprised! I have an excess PCB. That means, I can claim back the excess...

Wahhh!!! Rezeki.... dapat balik duit aku. Maybe aku boleh dapat lebih lagi lepas claim apa yang patut! Hehe~


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