29 September 2009

Top position...

Heh! Cam lucah je tittle... But the content is not at all. Tomorrow will be my last day to be in current job grade. Bermula 1 Oktober 2009, I'll be the top position of 'kulikutif' grade in my company. In only 11 years with the company, I've grown-up so fast. Kalau ikut secara normal, I need to take at least 4 years again to be on the top. Mungkin ini dinamakan rezeki dan aku pasti takkan menolaknya. And of course, my salary will be increased starting this coming October.

Am I ready to be a super senior in my department? Am I caliber to guide my junior? Am I able to hold the responsible from the management?? I will be in a probation period for at least 3 months before I get confirmed.

Now, I have to think about myself, the way forward to be... I have a few options but I don't know which to choose.

Option 1: Maintain my current position with new grade
Option 2: Be in TTS (Technical Trade Specialist)
Option 3: Continue study and be a part of management team
Option 4: Moving out of company and join other company.... Overseas, maybe???

I'm still thinking of it... But can you give me a suggestion??? Please vote! Or maybe you have other opinion that can be shared.

I'm waiting for your opinion guys!!

Hmm.... Last but not least, I should do some jamuan makan/kenduri kesyukuran kot nanti... Belanja kawan-kawan ke, BBQ kat pantai bersama family ke bagi meraikan kegembiraan...

P/S: To Qatarian members, takde position ke untuk aku kat sana?? Tolong ler rekemen!!


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