25 August 2009

RON95 - The petrol alternative of RON97

RON 95 Petrol has been introduced in Malaysia and nowadays, there are many petrol station especially Petronas and Shell already provide the RON95 grade of petrol. Here we would like to share most of the frequently ask question and facts about RON 95. we hope this article hepls you to gain some good info about the new fuel formula RON95. For those who have the experience using the RON95, share it here.

Octane quality is one of the many properties of fuel that is often associated with power and improved engine efficiency that is measured by the international standard for fuel, RON.

RON95 helps us to have better environment. For Example, Petronas Primax 95 meets Euro 2 emission standards and has reduced sulphur content of 500 ppm (parts per million), which makes it better for the environment

What is RON?
Answer : RON stands for Research Octane Number rating for unleaded petrol. It determines the petrol`s `anti-knock` quality or resistance to pre-ignition or detonation as it burns in the combustion chamber. Knocking occurs when the fuel-air mixture in the cylinder explodes instead of burning in a controlled way. This shockwave moves within the combustion chamber, and creates a metallic `pinging`. It measures the combustion properties of the fuel.

Can all Proton & Perodua vehicles (including those with carburettor fuel system) use the RON 95 petrol?
Answer : Yes

I have been using RON92 petrol for my car with carburettor fuel system. What will happen to my vehicle if I switch to RON95?
Answer : There is no effect to your vehicle engine.

I have been using a particular brand of RON97 petrol for my Proton & Perodua car, will the engine of my vehicle experience “knocking” when using RON95?
Answer : No, because all most of nowadays car engines setting allow the use of petrol with RON95 and above.

Do I need to get the engine of my vehicle tuned, if I switch the petrol to RON95? Do I need to add petrol additives which I can buy from auto parts shops?
Answer : No. Not necessary.

Will petrol additives help prevent “knocking”?
Answer : It will depend on the additives contents.

Can I mix the RON 95/RON97 petrol for my car?
Answer : Yes, there is no problem mixing the various grades of petrol.

What is your advice for vehicles that experience engine knocking?
Answer : For cars that experience “knocking”, it is advisable to send them to Service Centre to check for carbon deposits in the combustion chamber and also the ignition timing.

What do the numbers 95 and 97 mean?
Answer : The numbers 95 and 97 represent the minimum RON value of a fuel that will prevent “engine knocking”.

What is “engine knocking”?
Answer : Engine knocking happens when fuel combusts prematurely before ignition by the spark plug, which causes a “knocking” effect, resulting in loss of power. Using the appropriate minimum RON fuel that is recommended by your vehicle manufacturer will ensure that combustion happens at the high time to avoid “engine knocking”.

What is the minimum RON requirement for my car?
Answer : Your vehicle’s manual should specify what minimum RON value fuel to use. Sometimes, this information is printed on or around the refuelling cap. If unsure, please check with your vehicle manufacturer, authorised vehicle distributor or with an authorised mechanic.

Can I use RON 95?
Answer : That depends on your engine. Your vehicle can use RON 95 if it is designed or set for RON 95 or lower. However, the best thing to do is to check with your vehicle manufacturer, authorised vehicle distributor or with an authorised mechanic.

What RON works best for my vehicle?
Answer : You should always use a fuel that meets or exceeds the minimum RON recommended by the vehicle manufacturer or authorised mechanic.

Can I mix RON 95 with RON 97?
Answer : As long as the fuel meets or exceeds the minimum RON required by the engine, mixing is fine and should not damage your engine.

In conclusion, there is no side effects of using RON95 petrol instead of RON97 but you must check first what is the minimum RON number requirement for your car in your car manual or at the fuel cap.

Most Mercedes-Benz engines, except the high-performance ones in the AMG and SL/SLK models, are able to run on fuel with RON91 to RON95. However, for optimum performance, RON95 is recommended while use of RON92 will result in marginally reduced output

For the Cefiro 3.0, Murano, 350Z/370Z, RON97 is recommended for optimum performance. For older models such as the Sunny 130Y, Bluebird, Altima and AD Resort, RON95 can be used.

Volvo engines can use RON91 to 98 RON unleaded petrol. Volvo Car Malaysia says that for best performance and lowest fuel consumption, RON98 (or closest RON) is recommended. For normal driving, RON95 is acceptable and RON91 should only be used in cases where RON95 is unavailable. Knock sensors in the engines will adjust the engine timing to prevent damage with very low RON fuel.


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