12 August 2009

PSV ECA workshop at The Legend Hotel, Cherating

I've just finished attending the 3 days workshop. A lot of numbers to review the ECA which means Estimated bla bla bla... My team was 1 from inspection, 2 from operation and I as representative for maintenance. It is important to set when the time for each Pressure Safety Valves in my plant to be serviced. That means, we have to review the Estimated Time Before Failure (ETBF). For this 3 days workshop, we have gone through all the 185 units of PSV data and history, making some calculation and decide the result as a goal.

As now, We have completed the task successfully.... And I need to take rest for using and squeezing my brain so much!!!! Urghhhh!!

Here is some photos during the workshop! (Including the 'rest' time... LOL!)


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