18 January 2011

Weekly ChurpChurp Sharing

Kempen ChurpChurp minggu ini. Kalau rajin tu, baca dan kliklah kempen di bawah ni ye. Tiada paksaan...

1) Jam-Pack your friends & win prizes worth up to RM40k!

Who's among your friends is the most Busy Body? The Shy? The Rebel Rockstar? Or the one that is a bit of a health freak? Find out by playing the Jam-Pack game and win big prizes!

Get hooked tagging your friends in the Jam Pack Game and win a Macbook Air, an iPhone 4, an iPad and a Sony PS3!

Share this with your friends and get rewarded RM 0.20 per unique click.

Hurry, share this NOW!

Contest ends on March 9, 2011.

2) Have you been living a healthy lifestyle? Find out today!

Take the Wellness Profiler to find out if you’re an Advocate, an Investor, a Manager or a Hopeful and gain valuable insights to your approach on nutrition and health. Here’s to the start of a new year, and to a healthier you!

Remember to take the test first and then let your friends know about it!

Thank you Nestle!

3) Redeem your discount tokens at Celcom Great Sale today!

Thinking of rewarding yourself with something awesome to start off your 2011? Well, you deserve it!

How about having a flashy cool gadget in hand to show off like Samsung Galaxy tab or a LG Optimus 7? Yes you're right, Celcom is giving you this opportunity by having a GREAT SALE starting NOW!

So share this to your friends and better get your hands on before this sale is over and done, you gotta be quick, you gotta be wise!

4) Massive discounts at the Celcom Everyone Sale today!

The EVERYONE SALE is here and it’s gonna be the BIGGEST SALE of the year! We’ve got awesome offers for EVERYONE! Xpax is launching this sale at a perfect time to start off the brand new year!

It’s the best time for people to go out shopping for new phones and gadgets, at AWESOME DISCOUNTS! You shoppers out there won’t wanna miss out on this!

Share this mind-blowing deal now!


Nak duit lebih? Jom jana pendapatan. KLIK SINI

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